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Food for thought

In light of recent, catastrophic events, it would be wise to think of alternate plans, activities, and methods of demonstrating our cause.
There will continue to be global oppression and exploitation, regardless of where the IMF, World Bank, and similar institutions meet, and certainly regardless of when and if they meet.

We must remember that we are not dependent upon the IMF and World Bank to act. That is to say, what are we doing right now - today - to counter the daily activity of oppressive and exploitative institutions?

Their actions are effective because their actions are of global scale and of continuous nature.

How does this compare with our own actions as a "movement"? Do we only "move" under certain conditions?

If their campaign was only initiated during their meetings, it would not have much effect. But the fact is, they have a continual campaign - by nature of their policies - to oppress and exploit.

If our cause was only demonstrated during their meetings, how truly effective would it be? Surely we could accomplish things, but how much more effective would a continuous demonstration of our cause be?

Not just a continuous demonstration, but a demonstration that permeates multiple levels of society, in every conceivable place.

Can we really afford to wait until the end of the month to demonstrate our cause?

Can we afford not to demonstrate our cause everyday and everyplace to counter the effects of their far-reaching policies?



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