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Up against the Wall. Mobilizing for Global Justice Week in DC

As tens of thousands prepare to converge on Washington DC for weeklong series of diverse events and actions that will culminate in massive protests at the joint annual meetings of the IMF-World Bank on September 29-30, Metro DC police are pushing ahead with plans to erect a massive 9 foot high steel and concrete chain link fence around the White House, and the IMF-WB complex to cordon off protesters. The 2 mile barrier, encircling 220 acres in downtown Washington, bears a striking resemblance to the "Wall of Shame" built to block the huge last April, - which was sucessfully breached by determined protesters within minutes. DC officials have also requested 30 million dollars in Federal funds to help bankroll a massive police mobilization, including an additional 3,600 cops from Baltimore, Charlotte, Philadelphia and New York. In a related move, George Washington University surrendered to DC police demands to close the University during the IMF-WB protests, forcing GWU students off campus, and have agreed to provide university space for the deployment of police reinforcements. Students have responded by issuing a call for a national student strike on September 28.



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