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Support Free Speech lawsuit vs. DC Police

Join the Free Speech Lawsuit!!!

The International Action Center is making a unique request to people to fill out an affidavit in support of the legal challenge to the "wall."
In Washington, D.C., where huge protests are planned for the end of this month, the police are attempting to suppress the free speech rights of the demonstrations by announcing that they will erect two miles of nine-foot-high fencing all around the White House and IMF/World Bank area, precisely the area where the International Action Center holds permits and several groups have planned demonstrations.

Thus, the International Action Center along with others have filed a groundbreaking lawsuit: "the International Action Center, et al. v. Washington, D.C. Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey, et al." This legal action seeks to enjoin the police from doing something that has never been done before: The Washington, D.C. police's attempt to revoke the people’s right to have a mass assembly of progressive demonstrators to redress grievances right in front of the White House, IMF and World Bank.

The lawsuit is being filed by the Washington, D.C.-based Partnership for Civil Justice. The other plaintiffs include the Latin American Solidarity Conference, Fifty Years is Enough Network, Kwame Toure Work and Study Institute and others.

We request that all of the people who plan to attend the Washington, D.C., demonstrations or who wish the mobilization's success to fill out the affidavit online by following the link above or pointing your browser to:

This way, the lawsuit has not only the voice of the plaintiffs but the voice of thousands of individuals who want to take a stand for their First Amendment rights.

The affidavit is very simple and easy to fill out. Time is of the essence. This is a true people’s lawsuit. We can win in the court because justice is on our side and because we are mobilizing the power of the people. Please take just a few moments to fill out and submit the online form today in order to support this important initiative!

This is not the first time in the history of the United States that the First Amendment and free speech rights are under attack, but many believe our movement is at a turning point and that is why we hope as many people as possible can show support for this movement and sign an affidavit.

If the police succeed in denying the right to protest in the central area of DC during the week of planned demonstrations, it will be a significant erosion of free speech rights. The police authorities are heading down a slippery slope and we must mobilize ourselves to defend our rights to free speech and assembly.

NOTE: Filling out an online affidavit is voluntary and, once submitted, will be transmitted to the International Action Center and the Partnership for Civil Justice. It will be used solely for the purposes of supporting the legal action "IAC, et al. v. CHIEF RAMSEY, et al.," described above.



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