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Building Bridges presents Labor and Public Housing Resients UNITE

a 58 minute radio program on the community and labor protest to fight federal forced work requirements in public housing
On Tuesday, August 21st the labor and housing movements came together to protest in front of the offices of the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) before marching across the Brooklyn Bridge on route to a public hearing .2,000 whistle blowing trade unionists, tenants and supporters came together to protest as (NYCHA) readied itself to implement a mandated forced work requirement for public housing tenants. They also protested NYCHA’s refusal to enforce Sec 3,a long standing federal requirement that public housing authorities require their contractors to employ housing residents as well as other low=income people for good paying construction jobs.

The community and labor coalition sponsoring the protest was addressed by leaders of labor and housing advocacy organizations throughout the city. The issues it addressed also attracted a bevy of politicians including all four
of the Democratic candidates for Mayor in the upcoming primary.
Hear what this community and labor coalition had to say in Brooklyn outside then inside the public hearing.

Building Bridges is broadcast over WBAI Radio in Exile on Wednesdays from 8-9PM EST



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