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Live from Death Row featuring Madison Hobley

Madison Hobley, member of the Death Row 10 has a hearing approaching which could well win him a new trial or even his immediate release! Hear him tell his story in a "Live from Death Row" event September 8th at the Hothouse

On Saturday, September 8 at 6:30 p.m. at the Hothouse on 31 E. Balbo, Chicago, death row inmate Madison Hobley will call in via speaker phone in a "Live from Death Row" event. Other speakers will include exonerated death row inmate Ronald Jones and David Bates, who is a torture victim of formerChicago Police Commander Jon Burge.

Hobley is a member of the "Death Row 10", a group of African American men who remain on death row despite widespread accounts of their torture at the hands of Burge, who was forced to resign in 1993, and others in the Chicago Police Department.

The topic of Hobley's innocence has been the subject of two NBC5 news reports, a Geraldo Rivera show, and an article in "The Chicago Reader." Hobley was convicted of an arson that killed his wife and child in 1987. The only physical evidence linking him to the crime was a gas can without his fingerprints and with no visible fire damage. His conviction wassecured on the testimony of a known arsonist.

On September 17, after 14 years of incarceration, Hobley has an evidentiary hearing that could release him or win him a new trial. A strong public turnout at the "Live from Death Row" event could not only help publicize Hobley's case, but build a groundswell of support for abolition of the death
penalty. Hobley could be the 14th death row inmate released from prison since the reestablishment of capital punishment in 1976. Your public support can make this something elected officials cannot ignore.

Campaign to End the Death Penalty
For more information, call (773) 955-4841.

This event is cosponsored by Amnesty International, the Community Renewal Society, Death Sentence 2002, the Illinois Coalition Against the Death Penalty, the Illinois Moratorium Project, the Jewish Council on Urban Affairs, the Justice Coalition of Greater Chicago, and the South Austin
Coalition. Call the Campaign to End the Death Penalty to cosponsor.



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