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Uptown ends 3-day encampment for Iraq

Tent Encampment in Uptown To End Iraq Sanctions;
Chicago Neighborhood is Home to National Movement;
from dawn September 1 to dusk Labor Day, Greens in Uptown hosted one of the “Life Under Siege” tent encampments being
organized around the nation to support a 40 day fast. (article 1)
As the Labor Day weekend draws to close, two members of the Edgewater-Uptown Greens leave their home for the past three days, a tent in a peace garden in Uptown. For three days, the tent has been their home, as part of a national series Life Under Siege encampments raising awareness of the US sanctions against the people of Iraq.

Saturday at noon, members of many local community organizations came together to mark the start of the encampment and to speak about the horror of these sanctions, and to connect it to the problems in Uptown. All the speakers spoke of the massively messed-up priorities of the Bush 1, Clinton, and Bush 2 administrations, spending billions to enforce hunger in Iraq while affordable housing becomes harder to find in Uptown. Voices in the Wilderness, COURAJ, Jesus People, Critical Mass, local Greens, and many others spoke for the need to end the sanctions in Iraq and focus on the needs of the homeless and hungry here in Chicago.

The Edgewater-Uptown Greens wish to sincerely thank all of the supporters who helped us this weekend. For more information about the sanctions against Iraq, contact Voices in the Wilderness at



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