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Protest will 'unwelcome' Boeing to Chicago

Chicago and Illinois state political hacks have promised Boeing more than $60 million in tax breaks to relocate their corporate headquarters to Chicago. So why are our local 'leaders' giving tax breaks to anti-worker, toxic polluting war criminals?

W A R N I N G ! BOEING is moving into your neighborhood -- and Boeing is bad for Chicago!

BOEING IS BAD FOR CHICAGO...The City of Chicago and the State of Illinois will spend over $60 million, including free rent for 20 years, to bring Boeing corporate headquarters to Chicago! The City of Chicago says Boeing will bring jobs, prestige and money to Chicago. But, at their recent job fair here, Boeing offered only 150 jobs. We don't want the kind of prestige that comes from having a toxic polluter, a producer of weapons of war and a racist, anti-worker employer in our midst. Boeing is all this and worse! We want that $60 million for schools and housing for the people of Chicago.

BOEING IS BAD FOR THE WORLD...Boeing is the world's largest manufacturer of military aircraft. It is the main contractor for the National Missile Defense System: a system purported to protect the U.S. from attacks by "rogue states." The weapons of war Boeing and other arms manufacturers produce are used to kill and terrorize people in Colombia; Vieques, Puerto Rico; Korea; Okinawa, Japan; Palestine and much of the Arab world.

Boeing is a war criminal. Producing the weapons used to kill people is big business. In 2000, Boeing recorded $51.3 billion in sales and $2.1 billion in earnings. We oppose Boeing because they knowingly make profits from the suffering of other people. We oppose Boeing because they are part of a system of U.S. militarism that includes the use of Vieques, Puerto Rico and Mae Hyang Ri, South Korea for target practice despite the fact that people live on these islands. The money the Pentagon spends on weapons manufactured by Boeing could be used to build schools, houses, and good public transportation in the U.S. and worldwide; instead that money goes to make helicopters, fighter-bombers and a missile system that destroys rather than protects life. We all want to live in a safe and secure world. True security comes from ensuring that we all have living-wage jobs, good schools, healthcare, safe homes and social justice.

BOEING IS RACIST, ANTI-WORKER, AND A POLLUTER...African-American workers in Seattle sued Boeing for engaging in racist treatment of African-American employees. Boeing settled this racial discrimination lawsuit on behalf of 12,000 current and 7,000 past African-American employees in 1999 for $15 million.

Boeing cut 25,000 Seattle area jobs between 1998 and 2000. Boeing, like most big companies, ensures that their top executives receive millions, but doesn't protect workers' jobs. Further, Boeing admitted that in 1999 alone it released over 40 million pounds of hazardous waste into the environment.

THE ANTI-BOEING COALITION...Tell Boeing NO! to U.S. militarism and injustice! Join us in demonstrating at Boeing's new headquarters on September 4, 2001 at 12:00PM at 100 N. Riverside Plaza in Chicago, Illinois. We want to organize a movement to oppose U.S. militarism and to support a society in which people are more important than profits.

Chicago Coalition Against U.S. Militarism, Chicago Colombia Committee, Chicago Greens, Chicagoland Greens, Chicago Interfaith Prisoners of Conscience Project, Committee for New Priorities, 8th Day Center for Justice, Illinois Peace Action, International Action Center, Jobs With Justice, National Boricua Human Rights Network, National Lawyers Guild, Palestine Aid Society, Prairie Fire Organizing Committee, Union for Puerto Rican Students (NEIU), U.S.-Japan Committee for Racial Justice

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