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Matt Hale & The World Church of The Creator
At the Champaign Public Library, Sunday September 9th, 7 pm
Shut Down Matt Hale and the World Church of the Creator in Champaign!

Sunday September 9th
(the meeting is scheduled for 7 pm. Arrive early and in groups)
Champaign Public Library
505 S Randolph
Champaign, IL

Who is Matt Hale and the WCOTC?
Matt Hale is the leader of the WCOTC, the largest fascist group active in Illinois. The WCOTC is currently conducting an ambitious campaign of public meetings and propaganda blitzes in hopes of building a popular base
for their white supremacist politics. Their battle cry is "RAHOWA" (Racial Holy war) and in July, 1999, one of their members went on a shooting spree that targeted Asian, Black and Jewish people, killing two and wounding nine

Why Should They Be Opposed?
ARA organizes opposition to the WCOTC and other fascists for 3 main reasons. First, despite their relatively small size, the fascists consistently carry out acts of terror, including murder and bombings aimed
at intimidating women, lesbian and gays, anti-fascist activists, and Black,Latino/a, Jewish and Asian communities. Second, by aggressively pushing white supremacist and fascist solutions to social questions they are able to help frame the bounds of debate on abortion, immigration, welfare, etc. Third, by posing as a "revolutionary" opposition they seek to win over
working class whites who are fed up with the system and are looking for ways to fight.

What does Anti-Racist Action Stand For?
ARA seeks to not only cripple the fascists but help build a movement against the entire system of exploitation and oppression that holds us all
down today. We seek a multi-racial, pro-woman, pro-queer, pro-youth movement that engages in both direct action and direct democracy, building a radical alternative to both the system and the fascist groups it spawns.

From Chicago: Take 290-E to 294-S. After being on 294-S for about 25 miles, you'll take 80-W for a very short distance. Exit onto 57-S, which you'll take for about 150 miles. From 57-S, you'll get on 74-E, which you'll take for about 2 miles. Take the Neil St. Exit (Exit 182-- keep RIGHT on the fork in the road.) Turn right onto US-150/IL-10 and soon you will find yourself at the Champaign Public Library.

Anti-Racist Action Chicago
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