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"armed and dangerous" article in this weeks' Reader

Service to the community

What is the point of this disgusting news story? Does it hope to point out that police officers and the Chicago police dept. are corrupt? I am so sick of this type of news reporting! Does Tori Marlan hope people will fear police after reading her article? I think the police of Chicago are doing the best they can, considering the dangerous thugs they have to come in contact with everyday. They are paid next to nothing to risk their lives to protect you! The city will not even give them a proper raise and work contract. I just don't understand this contempt for the police. Did anyone in Chicago (besides family and fellow officers) attend Brian Strouse's funeral? EVERYONE in this city should have been there! He was an extraordinary person. Highly decorated and respected officer with a family. He was shot in the face by some piece of shit drug dealer! Why not do a story about Mr. Strouse? Why not choose anyone of the hundreds of brave officers who contribute unmeasureable service to this great city everyday? If this story is true and this Marsalis shitheel raped that woman, he should be removed from the police and locked up for life. But this story suggests that any crazy, violent rapist can join the force because its job screening is done so poorly. The vast majority of police officers in Chicago and in the US are underpaid, undervalued and disrespected. This kind of Tabloid dogshit is just fuel for that hate.



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