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Video & pizza at next CIA mtg., Weds. 9/5

Global Village or Global Pillage, a 26-minute video of the impact of corporate globalization will be screened at the start of the next Chicago in Action mtg.
Wednesday, Sept. 5 at 7PM at the Wicker Park field house, CIA will screen and have a brief discussion of the video, Global Village or Global Pillage. We'll have pizza and soda as well for hungry activists wanting to get involved in building for the IMF/World Bank teach-ins. Bus tickets to D.C. for the weekend of Sept 28-30 will be available for $65 and $75 round-trip at the mtg.

Bring your enthusiasm, ideas and friends to join this broad coalition of folks mobilizing against the barbarities of corporate globalization. Another World is Possible!
Call (773) 509-4929 for more info.



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