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France, Mossley spinning mill, 68th day of occupation

Workers have been occupying the Mossley textile mill workers of Hellemmes (France) since June 22. They have not been passively occupying the mill but have mounted direct actions to spread the word and increase the pressure on the bosses. Take heed, fellow workers!
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2001 04:56:36 -0400 (EDT)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

August 26, Mossley workers dispatched an attack commando to Rouen, 200 km from their occupied factory. Taking a bus early this morning with 50 people, they invaded the national headquarters building of their company, destroyed all the offices and systematically disconnected the computers. The cops came only at the end of the operation.

Employees expressed their solidarity with the workers of Hellemmes.

This surprise-attack immediately bore its fruits, since the management announced the resumption of negotiations as of this Friday.

The strategy of Mossley workers, to refuse to stay isolated in the occupied factory, but on the contrary multiply the fast, strong, media and well organized actions outside, starts to bear fruits. They're developing support in the area. Soon in your city?

To make known the fight of Mossley, is not only to attract attention to their case, which is that of all the dismissed, dislocated workers, but more especially to make know their methods, their determination, to spread it to a maximum of workers here and elsewhere.

As stated by a poster displayed in the Mossley spinning mill, the most important thing is not to fight, but to win. Let us fight total capitalism where it is done, not only where it is decided !

Nicolas (hoping you understand my bad English !)

Mossley support page :

Some photos of the Mossley struggle :


To support the employees of the Mossley textile mill workers of Hellemmes (France)

* Send messages by fax, directly on the site of the occupied factory : 00 33 3 20 04 00 33

* Send emails, individual or collective, at the address
cerclesocial (at) All the mails will be transmitted directly to the workers of Hellemmes

* Write by mailing-post : Comite de Soutien SARL Hellemmes 73rue Roger Salengro 59260 Hellemmes - France

* Send your financial support, by putting the order checks of the Comite de Soutien SARL Hellemmes, and by sending them to the same address (Comite de Soutien SARL Hellemmes 73rue Roger Salengro 59260 Hellemmes - France).

* Translate this email or diffuse it in mailing-lists.

All the supports are truly essential. All solidarity messages is an happy new for workers. Fight glotal capitalism where it is done, not only where it is decided !

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