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Starbucks action!

starbucks is still using milk with unsafe hormones in it! and even though coffee prices are at the all time low, they are refusing to brew fair-trade and shade grown coffee! educate yourself! there are lots of starbucks stores on michigan ave! (hint hint!)

~Global Week of Action~
September 17-23, 2001


Since March 2001, thousands of activists have taken part in protests and leafleting events outside Starbucks cafes in over 250 cities in the US, Canada, New Zealand and England in what has become the largest consumer campaign ever mounted against a major US food and beverage company around the issues of genetic engineering and Fair Trade.

The pressure from our Frankenbuck$ campaign and from Starbucks' customers reading our leaflets and talking to our volunteers is obviously making an impact. One need only compare Starbucks' official company statements dated March 18 and then compare these statements to the one dated June 21 ( to see what a difference three months of determined campaigning has made. Three months from now we expect to see the company move even farther. If you would like to participate, please contact us!



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