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Effectively Opposing The War Against The Poor Talk/Discussion 11/11, HotHouse

John Clarke, from the militant group Ontario Coalition Against Poverty will be speaking with local anti-poverty activist on how to effectively oppose the war against the poor. The talk will encourage discussion in tactics, experience and planning locally and globally.
Effectively Opposing the War Against the Poor

Talk and Discussion featuring John Clarke, Canada's best know anti-poverty activist and leader of the Ontario Coalition Against poverty. (OCAP)

John Clarke was recently arrested and charged with a number of offenses. His "crime" was to lead a 1500 strong march of the homeless and the poor to parliament in Toronto, and demand that they be able to address its members. Big business meets
regularly with these members of parliament to tell them what they want - why should the poor be any different?

The police attacked the march and a pitched battle ensued. The resulting fallout has served to strengthen OCAP, and put the war against the poor (being waged by global capitalism in all countries) at the center of discussion in Canada.

We invite you to come and hear about the work of OCAP, and the strategy of "direct action casework"!
* Its mass mobilizations to make laws against the poor unenforceable.
* Its success in taking over buildings to provide shelter for the homeless, in preventing the deportation of immigrant workers and in building support for its policies amongst union activists.

John Clarke of OCAP explains some of the organization's views:
"To demonstrate that we can so frustrate and disrupt the normal machinery of oppression as to make the most odious, repressive legislation virtually unenforceable."

"We are not interested in "protest" as a means of expressing helpless indignation, but we instead work to create a level of disruptive collective action that can stop an attack."

Another important and unique aspect of OCAP has been the development of "Flying Squads" in several unions. These are squads of union members who participate in OCAP actions. At the last event of OCAP against the deportation of an immigrant worker, flying squads from 11 different unions were present. The direct action tactics of OCAP are also being effectively used in negotiations between management and the unions themselves.

* MS BEAUTY TURNER, Robert Taylor resident, member of the executive committee, of the Coalition to Protect Public Housing, and October 22nd Coalition steering committee
* GRANT NEWBERGER, contributing writer to the Revolutionary Worker, long time public housing activist, and associate of the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade

--This meeting and discussion will be particularly useful for those who are fighting on the issues of housing, low wages and immigrants rights, as well as those interested in the tactics of direct action and civil disobedience. Beyond this, OCAP's direct action case work and its orientation towards union activists will be important for the militant anti-poverty movement as a whole.

WHERE: The Hothouse 31 E. Balbo St. Chicago
WHEN: Saturday, November 11th, 2:00pm to 5.00pm

Organized by:
Chicago May Day Coalition, Chicago Democratic Socialists of America, Chicago Direct Action Network,
Chicago Worker's School, and Jobs with Justice Information Contact (847)733-9385 or the Chicago MayDay Coalition at chicagomayday (at)



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