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PDF of Union media producers newsletter

PDF file of Union Producers and Programmers Network Newsletter, Summer 2001 [This file is fairly large and each page of its eight pages may take a bit to load--it's worth the wait]
Here is the PDF file of UPPNET News, Summer 2001.

UPPNET stands for Union Producers and Programmers Network,
promoting production and use of tv and radio shows pertinent
to the cause of organized labor and workers.

If you have Acrobat Reader (version 3.0 or above) you
can open this file, either on a IBM or Mac platform.
Acrobat Reader is free, and you can go to:
to download your free software.

This is the first time we are making available UPPNET News
as a PDF. Websites in the text (in brown ink and
enclosed by a small box) are hot-linked to the internet. Just click on them and your PDF UPPNET News issue will open up your internet browser and connect you direclty to the web site, dowload, or video/audio streaming.

Larry Duncan



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