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IMF/World Bank teach-in Tuesday

Lincoln Sq. teach-in on the IMF/World Bank, Tuesday Aug.28 at 7PM
As part of a series of local teach-ins sponsored by Chicago in Action, we will be at the Nervous Center coffee house (4612 N. Lincoln Ave.) Tuesday, August 28th at 7PM. It's free and all are welcome to bring questions, comments and friends to discuss the history and impact of IMF/WB policies and about the anti-corporate globalization movement. (But folks are encouraged to purchase a cup 'o joe.)

We will have tickets for the buses to D.C.!! Buses leave Fri. eve. Sept. 28th at 6PM—tickets are $65 or $75 depending on date of return. $100 solidarity price to help defray costs to low-income protesters.

Chicago in Action meets every Wednesday night at the Wicker Park field house (1425 N. Damen Ave—7PM). We are a group committed to fighting for global justice by any means necessary.



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