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Support the Niketown 7

Seven members of Loyola Students Against Sweatshops face trial for nonviolent action at Niketown Chicago.
Show your support for the "Niketown Seven" and your solidarity with the Kukdong workers! Seven students from Loyola Students Against Sweatshops were arrested January 27, 2001 at Niketown Chicago while protesting conditions at Kukdong factory in Puebla, Mexico. They are charged with criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct.

--Contact Niketown, Chicago and tell them to drop the charges 312-642-6363, fax 312-642-1974.

--Fax Phil Knight, Nike CEO, 503-671-6300 and express your support for the workers at Kukdong.

--Attend a rally in support of them Sat. Aug. 25, 1:00 pm at Niketown 669 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago.

--Come to their trial and show your support! Aug. 27-29 at 1340 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago.

For more information, contact Jamie Leslie 773-907-8021 or Tom Strunk 773-743-1812.



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