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video stream of Ken Riley Chicago speech

Video Stream of excerpt from Ken Riley's speech at Friday, Aug. 17 Rally for Charleston 5 at Teamsters 705 Hall in Chicago.
Ken Riley--President of ILA Local 4122 in Charleston, SC-- spoke to an enthusiastic crowd on Friday, Aug. 17 in Chicago. He described the campaign to defend his union members, the Charleston 5, against a major campaign to destroy unionism in the South. This rally was endorsed by the Chicago Federation of Labor, the AFL-CIO, IBT 705, Jobs with Justice, and many other organizations and unions.

The enire speech "Ken Riley at Chicago Charleston 5 Rally" will be on Labor Beat:

CAN-TV, Channel 19 in Chicago
Thurs., Sept.6, 9:30 pm
Fri., Sept. 7, 4:30 pm
Thurs., Sept. 13, 9:30 pm
Fri., Sept. 14, 4:30 pm

Plans are being made for selling this tape. Contact Labor Beat (laborbeat (at) or the Chicago Committee to Defend the Charleston 5 (chicagoc5 (at) more information.



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