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How you can stop the money flow to the Republican Party



I suggest you consider not buying products from the major donors to the Republican Party and then make demands of these companies for campaign finance reform and other important issues. I want to begin a grass roots movement to harness the power that each and everyone of you has. Each and everyone of you most likely buys products every day. You need to hold the companies you buy from, accountable for the situation in our country. Will you join with me and send a message to the Republican Party, by browsing Will you tell other people to browse the web site and send the boycott petition to the Republican Party, and their donors? If enough people stop buying from Republican donors we can hold them hostage legally and demand what we want as a group. When you go to buy from someone, you hold the power. You make conditions under which you will purchase from them. You can change their behavior. You can demand health care for the 40 million people who have no health care. You can demand a patients bill of rights. You can demand campaign finance reform. You can demand a higher minimum wage and more. Use your power and consider where your money goes when you buy from a company that gives some of your hard earned money to the Republican Party. Don't you realize that as a group many Democrats and Independents keep the Republican Party functioning? Don't you believe you need to stop buying from these companies and make demands of them? I do and that's why I tell you to browse a noncommercial web site.

Companies to boycott

Coca Cola
Pepsi Cola
Shell Oil
American Express
Marriot Hotels
JC Penney
Dell Computers
Florida Oranges, Grapefruits, Orange juice and Grapefruit juice
and Florida Tourism



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