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Chicago Direct Action Network Bus To DC

Join The Chicago Direct Action Network on a bus ride to a showdown in DC
Members of the Chicago Direct Action Network and people from Little Village will be traveling to Washington DC to protest and defeat the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Join us and others in confronting and shutting down these institutions of global capitalism.

We do not want a seat at their table, we want to overturn the table.

We will be leaving from the New World Resource Center on Friday, September 28 at 6 pm to make it for all of Saturday's and Sundays protests and direct actions. Monday we will leave DC at 4 pm to make it back very early Tuesday morning.

Ticket are $80 and are first come, first serve. If you are interested in buying a ticket for yourself, and/or your friends, please contact Cliff Willmeng at (847)733-9385, or email yippie5 (at)

Take care and stay strong
Chicago DAN



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