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Lynching Threat Cleveland Ohio

Cleveland man threaten with lynching on June 29. Complaint fell on deaf ears at local NAACP!!!! Is the year 1901 or 2001??????
Dear Sir/Madam,
I was recently threatened with a lynching (Cleveland Life 7/18/01 edition). I took my complaint to the President of local NAACP. The Cleveland Life reporter (Richard Jones, Sr. 216-771-5054 ext. 119 ) did an interview with the local NAACP President and he stated that he didn't give adamn about the complaint. My question for you is how do I deal with the issue of local Black leaders legitimatising racism. I took a picture of the noose that the people threw over the side of the building after the foreman ofthe local contractor asked me & I quote; Do you want to get strung up and the shit beat out of you monkey?”
A little background about myself, I am a Union Carpenter out of local 212 of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America. I was participating in an informational picket that was sanctioned by the Ohio & Vicinity Regional Council of Carpenters. I was the only African American picketer on the site. It was my third day on the picket line when the foreman of the construction company, whom we were picketing against approached me. An editorial in the Cleveland Life 7/18 edition says either they were crazy or knew that there would be no legal price to pay.
Sir/Madam, what scares me the most is the silence from the local African American Leaders. What happened to a time not long ago when an injury to one was an injury to all? To think that this can still happen in the year 2001 is frightening. To have a picture of the noose and signed statements from witnesses and wall of silence follows is appalling. I know first hand what my ancestors felt like to be dehumanized.
I Remain
Son of a Great People
Garlin R Farris



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