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The Dragon Strikes Back!

Corporate-public radio anyone????
People will blind us with science,names,reasons why and so on to convince us that these corporate robots can be persuaded to do our bidding. Well! I say that as long as we operate on their frequency we will be like them. We will vibrate on the same low vibration as them. We either have to communicate as obi ben canobi. which is practically impossible without learning how to pull it off. Or turn our backs on these insults to the human organism and create our own world. Our own media. Our own press. Our own ideals. And I know that to some degree that's exactly what some of us are doing. Non-violent protests in massive numbers. Sit-down strikes. There is no way to change this world through violence. It's already been changed through violence. For the worse. Be yourself at all times and don't shrink into holes where you can't fit, in order to make others feel comfortable ( as mandela put it).



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