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CIA meeting in Wicker Park, Wednesday, 8/22

Chicago In Action is meeting this Wednesday to mobilize against the IMF/World Bank
Chicago In Action (CIA) is a local, community-oriented group of people working to mobilize others in and around the Chicago area to demonstrate to the IMF and World Bank that oppression and exploitation of the world's people and their resources will not be tolerated. These supranational institutions (like the G8, WTO, NAFTA, FTAA, and others) have tremendous power, yet have no provisions for democratic input on policies that are shaping our world. We are not going to stand by and let them take over!

CIA is currently mobilizing affinity groups to head to Washington, DC this September to protest the meeting of the World Bank and IMF. We are also planning a solidarity demo here in Chicago for those people who can't make it to DC, but want their voices heard. In addition, we are staging teach-ins on the IMF/WB in various locations around the city so that people can learn more about how these insitutions control our lives.

Want to get involved? Come to our general meeting Wednesday, Aug 22 at 7 pm at the Wicker Park Field House, 1425 N. Damen.



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