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Stop the FBI and Grand Jury attacks on the Puerto Rican Community!

The National Boricua Human Rights Network is an organization composed of Puerto Ricans in the US and their supporters that educates and mobilizes the Puerto Rican community, the broader Latin American community and other people of conscience regarding issues of justice, peace and human rights.

Our priorities include: (1) The withdrawal of the military from Vieques; (2) The release of the remaining Puerto Rican political prisoners; (3) An end to the continuing political repression and undermining of the Puerto Rican communities in the struggle for basic human rights in the US and Puerto Rico.

Since 1992 an FBI operation, similar to the infamous COINTELPRO programs of the 60s, 70s and 80s, has been unleashed on the Puerto Rican community in Chicago, particularly against the Juan Antonio Corretjer Puerto Rican Cultural Center (PRCC). This persecution has included an endless number of activities that vary from infiltration and creation of division to harassment, defamation, and the destruction of the personal integrity of activists and supporters. For instance, Rafael Marrero, agent provocateur hired by the FBI infiltrated the PRCC to interrupt and destroy the community work and self-determination that this institution has practiced for almost three decades.

Rafael A. Marrero directed and carried out a bomb attack in 1992, accused José Solís Jordan of masterminding this criminal act and later helped the FBI by testifying against Solís. As a result, José Solís is serving a sentence of 51 months in prison. In addition to this, Marrero carried out a campaign that sought to destroy the reputations of certain persons through a newspaper called El Pito, which was published and distributed clandestinely. During this time he was employed by Banco Popular, where the PRCC maintained, and continues to maintain, its bank account. As an employee of the Bank, Marrero obtained information on the PRCC account along with the accounts of Center supporters and activists in order to compile information for future frame-ups.

After he framed José Solís, Marrero left his daughter (whose name comes from his sister-in-laws, Alicia and Ida Luz Rodríguez) without child support that he could have provided, being in the Witness Protection Program. This deadbeat dad is supported by the FBI and is living with his third wife, a Cuban, in Miami. In his intent to fabricate scandals against Puerto Rican activists, Marrero often visits Chicago. He actually helps two new FBI agents: Raúl Castro, a Latino, and Kenneth Love, an African American. In addition to this ten other agents assist them, including IRS agents. In the process they have intimidated and persecuted persons who moved from Chicago to Florida, New York, Philadelphia and Puerto Rico. They have tried to create an atmosphere of fear and create divisions. They have also tried to criminalize economic ventures created for the development and self-sufficiency of the community. As if this were not enough, these FBI agents interfered in the lives of various people to damage and destroy their reputations. It is obvious that the FBI program, COINTELPRO, seeks to destroy the effective work that the community has developed, such as the Humboldt Park Infant Morality Reduction Initiative (HIMRI) and school reform in the Clemente Community Academy, a reform that tried to maintain a secure and inviting space so that students could examine and engage the world.

It is important to emphasize that the dismantling of this educational reform has translated into a decrease in the total number of graduates, from 2,900 in 1997 to 1,600 in 2001. In addition to this, the number of Latino teachers has been reduced 80%. More than 25 teachers "decided" to leave the school. The skill levels of students in Math and Reading have not risen significantly. The destruction of school reform in this community had been carried out by an administration openly affiliated with right wing Christians. This same administration continues to receive unconditional support from the central office of the Board of Ed, despite recommendations from their own advisors to reconstruct the Clemente High School program.

Do not permit the FBI to continue attacking the community!

It is a constitutional and human right to refuse to speak to the FBI. If the FBI harasses you, call the West Town Law Office at the following number: (773) 278-6707.



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