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Attention Honest Americans

Hawaiian King Imprisoned Due To Miltary Occupation of Hawaiian Islands by United States of America.
The Sovereign of the Hawaiian Kingdom has become a political prisoner as the American Congress prepares to vote on the "Akaka Bill" which seeks to identify the Na Kanaka Maoli (Hawaiian people) as Native American Indians, in violation of their right to self-determination. The United States of America remains in severe violation of four international treaties between the Kingdom of Hawaii and the United States of America. The United States of America has engaged in the Military Occupation of the Hawaiian Islands since the unlawfull overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy. The Heir and Successor of the throne, HRM Akahi Nui, is currently held off-the-roster at Halawa High Security Facility. Coronated in 1993, recognized internationally as the Head of State and King of the Hawaiian Archipelago. The United States has been found to be guilty of the genocide of the Hawaiian people (St. Thomas Law Review 1984). Today, the Hawaiian people are highest in pverty, homelessness, and incarcration of all ethnic groups in Hawaii. Many Na Kanaka Maoli (20% of the population-40% of the incarcerated) prisoners are unlawfully "transferred" to state and "private" prisons throughout the U.S., in further violation of treaties between the Kingdom of Hawaii and the United States of America. Rich Trusts were left for the Hawaiian people by the Hawaiian Monarchy of old. These trusts are administered by American CEO's, claiming there are no Heirs. The illegitmate "state of Hawaii" recieves $80,000.00 per Hawaiian they incarcerate, even if only for a day. It is possible that the genocide of the Hawaiian people is being financed by monies left for their benefit. HRM Akahi Nui is the great grand nephew of Hawaii's beloved Queen Lilioukalani, who appealed to the American people on behalf of her people over 100 years ago. See website below for details.



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