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Victims or Collaborators

the white middle class majority
Trying and trying to get the white middle class majority on the 'movements' bandwagon, many have seem to have made the assumption and or assertation that the masses are victims of the system. Is this not elitist! If only they "knew" what i "know" is unabashed pedalstalism!

The white middle class MAJORITY has had every opportunity to seek out, experience, and become informed to everything you have, and unless you really are better then them all, they can only be

They are the system, the infrastrutre, the powers that be! The miniscule of billionares and millionares are completely representative of their mentality, modalities and behavior in general.

SO please quit victimizing the victimizers and treat them no different then their elected officials and their police.
Sympathy and compassion are one thing, but don't be so naive as to become the collaborators collaborator.



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