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Former Guatemalan Guerrilla in Chicago

Voices of the Americas’ purpose is that of creating a forum in which the distinct ethnic communities of Chicago can partake in dynamic cultural activities that will promote unity and harmony. One of Casa Guatemala’s top priorities is a commitment to diversity. Every month beginning in the Spring, Casa Guatemala hosts events that showcase the culture of distinct Latin American peoples, with an emphasis on educating the audience about the struggles occurring in that particular region of the continent.
Casa Guatemala is proud to invite the public to the closing event of our "Voices of the Americas" Cultural Series. Casa Guatemala is proud to announce the arrival of Leonel Lopez, founding member of the "Voz Popular" Guerrilla Radio Station in Guatemala. Besides being one of the principal personalities at "Voz Popular", Leonel is also a medical doctor and served in one of the URNG's (Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity) medical treatment units.

Dr. Lopez will be speaking on the need for independent media sources in Latin America, the peace process in Guatemala, as well as the new "Atanasio Tzul" Health Center, the only non-profit health provider in the Momostenango region of Guatemala. Dr. Lopez is the founder and director of the Atanasio Tzul Heath Center.


Lolita Lopez, Daughter of José Lopez, Director of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center will be talking about the Navy's bombing range in the Puerto Rican island of Vieques, and the need to evict this institution from the island.

Casa Guatemala's Cultural Youth Group Konojel Junam: Live marimba music and Mayan dance.


Poet Eduardo Arocho from the Puerto Rican Cultural Center.

$6.00 Donation
Friday, November 3, 2000
4554 N. Broadway, Second Floor
Chicago, IL 60640



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