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WTO Resistance Group gains a strong following

The WTO Resistance Group, which formed in July, has gained a strong following in the US and Europe
The energetic "WTO Resistance Group" which was formed in July has gained a strong following in the US and Europe. In a little more than a month they have gone from being an obscure group of Artist and Writers to becoming one of the fastest growing anti-WTO networks in the world.

Stressing a non-violent approach, the group publishes and distributes Graphic Images and Posters designed to capture the emotions of the uncommitted middle classes. Their work has already been seen in many cities in the US, and the group is preparing materials for distribution in Europe.

On Sunday, they announed the publication of a limited edition Serigraph to raise funds for the upcoming WTO Protests in Washington D.C., and to support their poster campaign. This work of art, titled "Working Woman" draws attention to the loss of jobs caused by WTO / IMF policies. It was donated to the group by the artist "Lynx" who is a widely recognized producer of counter-culture posters.



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