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Itay:Germans arrested during G-8 summit need special permission to reenter Italy

Germany is considering lodging a complaint with the
European Commission over Italy's decision to restrict
future entry by German protesters arrested at the G8
summit in Genoa last month.
"There are considerations of launching treaty-breaching
proceedings with the European Commission," a Foreign
Ministry official said, adding that Berlin was in talks with
Italian ruling angers Germany
By Hugh Williamson in Berlin

Italy has insisted that 70 Germans arrested during the summit and later freed
would have to apply for special permission from the Interior Ministry in Rome if
they wanted to re-enter Italy. At least 38 of the Germans were formally deported.

Germany said that under EU rules, such restrictions could only be imposed after
an individual had been found guilty of a crime.

Italy's Foreign Ministry said that the restrictions against the Germans were
justified under national and EU laws.



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