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Truths are flags dripping with blood

Stop waving those flags. Flags are like borders, they divide and conquer. Flags are what people use to identify the team they belong to. whether it is corporate or anti-corporate. Flags represent the truth you are peddling. The truth is some bullshit that we hold onto and kill each other over. Flags dripping in blood.
If we all would come from Good. Act from Good. Look for Good. And not from truth then there would be peace. No one fights over Good! Take part in the biggest demonstration of your life. The demonstration inside of you. Have no more of it! Refuse to listen to the voice of anger. Refuse to listen to any voices inside of you, other than the voice that comes from Good. Not judgement and truth. Let go of all that you think that you know. It's all illusion. Take responsibility for all your actions,thoughts and feelings and start to wake-up!



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