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Sept. 14 Milwaukee Rehnquist protest

Sept. 14 come protest Bush-ite Judge Rehnquist in Milwaukee! Forward
hello, I'm jesse guten and i'm attending my first year of shorewood
highshcool, which is in shorewood, WI a suburb in milwaukee. It has come to
my attention that justice reinquist is coming to speak as an alumni of
shorewood. they are giving him an award that he does not deserve. he is the
one that allowed regean to get away with his IRAN CONTRA scandal, and his
major screwing of the poor. he also is the main person that allowed bush to
win the election. as a socialist, i find his coming to my home town and
receiving an award appalling. I call for a protest of what he has done over
the years, and the fact that he is receiving a great acheivment award.
please, socialists from the milwaukee area or abroad, come to shorewood
highschool september 14, 2001 and show that you are against him. i am
attempting to set up the demonstration in coalition with amnesty, and
milwaukee socialist party. if there are any other organizations taht people
belong to who are interested in partaking in this protest, PLEASE email me.
remember, the more people there, the more that will be done, and chances are
that there will be media coverage at the event. thank you for your time, and
please come SEPTEMBER 14TH!!

peace and solidarity,



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