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Help Reclaim the Streets Collective

Help the Reclaim the Streets Collective fight a battle for constitutional rights!!!
Help the Reclaim the Streets Collective fight a battle for constitutional rights!!!

On July 20th over three hundred suburban youth gathered in downtown Naperville to protest the G-8 summit as well to speak out against the criminalization of American youth. Early in the evening, the police force overreacted. They were threatening protesters with fire extinguisher-sized pepper spray cans, yet the crowd remained peaceful even amongst the hostilities. Before the party could start, the police set up a road blockade to stop and impound the music van, and some equipment was lost when it was retrieved the next day. This is why the event turned from party to protest, because the police stole the music.

After nightfall, people began to march into the streets. That is when the police became violent and started arresting people randomly. One of the first people arrested was a Green Party city council candidate in Naperville, who was arrested for attempting to cross the street. Throughout the night, police targeted organizers of the RTS! Collective, focusing on those who were most outspoken. At one point, the marchers decided to walk to the nearby jail in order to support those who had been arrested. As they were walking on the sidewalk, police blocked their path, and started pulling people off of the sidewalk. This is when most of the arrests occurred. Many of those arrested were brutalized and pepper-sprayed after they were handcuffed. Three minors were arrested, and all three were pepper-sprayed.

Overall, seventeen people were arrested, and charged with Mob Action and Resisting Arrest. The police tactic of violently stopping us from blocking the streets resulting in police vehicles blocking at least four times the amount that the protestors could possibly have blocked.

We feel that this is a gross infringement on our constitutional rights. We are determined to fight this and win! We need to raise at least $5000 to pay for lawyers, fines, and court costs. We would greatly appreciate any kind of support that you can provide, whether it’s money, solidarity, or legal council. The court date for those arrested is August 20th at 9:00am at the DuPage County Courthouse, at 421 County Farm Rd. in Wheaton, Illinois.


Email: rtstreets (at) Phone: 1-630-536-2701 ext. 3858
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