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World Bank IMF to shorten Sept meeting

The World Bank and IMF issued the following statement on August 10, 2001 (article 1)

This year's Annual Meetings of the Boards of Governors of the World Bank
Group and International Monetary Fund will take place over two days -
September 29 and 30, 2001 - subject to the formal approval of this change by
the Executive Directors of the two institutions. A final decision is expected by
Tuesday, August 14.

The Meetings are being consolidated after consultation with the U.S.
Government. The World Bank and IMF fully share the interest of the U.S.
authorities, in their role as host of the event, in ensuring the conduct of all
essential business with the least possible disruption to the people who live and
work in Washington, D.C. We will conduct all of the necessary and essential
business of the Annual Meetings during these two days.

Policy makers and public officials representing the 183 countries who own the
two institutions will convene, as they do every year, to consider the policies
needed to promote poverty reduction and more sustainable and equitable
growth, as well as to direct the work of the World Bank and IMF in promoting
these goals.

The Meetings are also a unique opportunity for a broad dialogue on issues of
global importance, and for decisions to guide the activities of the World Bank
and IMF - institutions that are committed to development and financial stability.
That is why it is in everyone's interest to see a productive set of meetings.

Contact Person:
World Bank: Merrell Tuck (202) 473-9516
IMF: Francisco Baker (202) 623-7061



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