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Eyewitnesses Unravel Police Lies - Press Conference 10/26 @ 10am

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The Police Execution of Brandon Polk
Eyewitnesses Unravel Police Lies

Friday, October 27th, 2000

CHICAGO--Police shot and killed Brandon Polk, 18, in the hallway of 4525 S. State in the Robert Taylor Homes, utterly unjustifiably--without warning, probable cause, or due process.

Witness testimony makes it clear that Wednesday's shooting was yet another police execution of a young man at the Robert Taylor Homes (RTH), which the police are attempting to cover up with a series of fabrications and dehumanizing slander of the victim. There have been four young men executed by police at RTH within the past year: Eugene Guy, Antwan Thomas, Ronald Terry, and now Brandon Polk. This wave of murder comes at a time when many buildings in RTH and other public housing projects are scheduled for demolition. And the killing of Brandon Polk is the second of those four in the same building.

Recently, police were witnessed writing racist graffiti on the lobby walls, declaring RTH "monkey town". (photos of this graffiti are available).

Witnesses saw police shoot Polk 3 times in the first floor hallway, then drag his body up to the second floor for some reason. Shell casings were found on the first floor. Police were seen cleaning up the blood from the first floor hallway.

Two of the young men who were with Polk are now in jail. Police claim that the men were aiming guns at them. But witnesses say Polk and the others had no weapons and were defenseless.

Speakers at the press conference will include:

* Arvella Thomas, mother of Antwan Thomas, killed in RTH December 27, 1999
* Brandon Polk's mother
* Beauty Turner, October 22nd Coalition
* Cora Dillard, president of Robert Taylor A. (invited)
* Mary Reed, resident of 4525 S. State, RTH
* Rev. Otis Prince, president of 4947 S. State, RTH
* David Wilson, president of 4410 S. State, RTH (invited)

Press Conference
10:00 am, 4525 S. State St. (State St. side of building)
Friday, October 27th, 2000

For more information, please contact Fred at 773-528-1701.

Convened by the October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation; the Stolen Lives Project; and other community groups and individuals.



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