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The Shortwave Report 8/10/01 ¡LISTEN GLOBALLY!

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. 13.6mb. Free to rebroadcast. Spain, Cuba, Netherlands, China, Germany. Streaming audio at
The latest Shortwave Report (August 10) is up on the website (13.6 Mb/ 29:42). It's free to rebroadcast, please notify me if you air the show, please mention the website if you only use a portion of the show.
A NEW FEATURE! At the website there are two new file choices- "Streaming Audio" and "Quick Download." (3.4MB) I'm intending these for slow-connection people (like me/28.8) who just want to listen and not for rebroadcast, as the sound quality is significantly inferior. The info is there, but I'm trying to promote shortwave listening, and the clarity of the "broadcast quality" file let's the audience know how good shortwave can sound.
This week's show features Spanish National Radio, Radio Havana Cuba, Radio Netherlands, China Radio International, and Radio Deutsche Welle.
From Spain- peace and relief workers to Northern Columbia are stopped before they can reach impoverished villages; Mexican legislators get to find out who made fortunes on the bank bailout in 1995; Amnesty International asks Honduras to investigate murders of children; Argentina makes a deal to import nuclear waste from Australia.
From Cuba- Argentina is asking the IMF for a $6-9 billion dollar loan, while demonstrations continue; a ruling last week in Southern Columbia that stopped herbicide spraying on coca plantations is overturned under US pressure; the UN commission on racism questions representatives from the US in preparation for the upcoming conference in S Africa; demonstrators from the G-8 summit form a collective to file criminal charges against the Italian government; Italy's parliament begins a limited probe into police activities at the G-8; putting off future conferences in Italy.
From Netherlands, an analysis about the future of international gatherings in Italy and a proposal to form an EU Riot Police Force for future demonstrations.
From China- Iraq responds to rumors of a future major US attack, and Nagasaki commemorates August 9th.
From Deutsche Welle- research done in England shows that "stroking " plants is better than talking to them.
All this plus times and frequencies for listening globally at home. I hope you'll broadcast it if you're a radio broadcaster or listen to it if not. I'm still looking for a funder if you've got an extra one or ideas.
link for this edition (13.6MB) "Broadcast Quality" for "streaming audio"&"quick download"
¡FurthuR! Dan Roberts
-- Reality is whatever refuses to go away when I stop believing in it-
Phillip K Dick



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