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Israeli government sites crashed by floodnet action

Israeli army and government internet sites succumb to tactical floodnet direct action. Government turns to AT&T for rescue.
Reported by the Jerusalem Post, Wednesday Sept. 26

The Knesset internet site has been hacked and is out of service, Israel Radio reports. A Knesset spokesman said the majority of a flood of e-mails that brought down the site, originated in Lebanon.

The latest wave of hacker and spam attacks on numerous Israeli Army and government sites has prompted the IDF to turn to the services of American communications giant AT&T.

An IDF spokesman said the site registered a record 140,000 hits from over 100 countries in the last week.

The US communications company will join Israeli server Netvision as service providers for the IDF in order to beef up the army's ability to cope with possible hacker and
e-mail attacks, Army Radio said.



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