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A major online exhibit of Art by Atom Bomb Survivors
August 2001 marks the 56th Anniversary of the Atomic Bombing of Japan. On
August 6, 1945, at exactly 8:15 in the morning, the Atomic age began with
the vaporization of the City of Hiroshima and many of it's occupants. Three
days later on August the 9th, Nagasaki suffered the same fate. The Japanese
called the Bombs, "Pica-don" (Flash-Boom) and those who miraculously
survived the explosions became
known as hibakusha (Atom Bomb Survivors).

In 1974, the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) began a campaign to
encourage hibakusha to create Artworks based on their memories of the Atomic
Fire. After only a short time, thousands of Paintings and Drawings were
collected. The great majority of works were done by non-professional
Artists, but the content and spirit of their Art was moving nevertheless.
The works place the viewer at ground zero in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Through
the eyes of those who survived the nightmares, the unimaginable terror of
Nuclear War is brought into sharp focus. Everyone in today's world should
gaze upon and ponder the works of the hibakusha.

To commemorate the 56th Anniversary, ART FOR A CHANGE is presenting an
exhibition of 12 hibakusha Paintings. The works are accompanied by text and
the testimony of the Artists. The hibakusha Art can be found at the
following URL;

Everyone is encouraged to link directly to the exhibit.

Mark Vallen



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