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Preminary Report Of Police Murder In the RTH

This is a preliminary report of some immediate things we know about the Chicago's Police's latest mureder inthe Robert Tayolr Homes, this time an eighteen year old named Brendan Polk. A more complete story should follow in the next few days.
The Chicago Police have continued their legacy in the Robert Taylor Homes. This Wendesday, at 12:40am, a Chicago police officer opened fire and killed eighteen year old Brendan Polk. This shooting brings the death toll in the building of 4525 S. Federal to two killed, in just about one month. Apparently some of the same inconsistencies are occurring with this shooting as with the last, Ronald Terry. One of the most obvious is that the police, after shooting this individual, pulled his body inexplicably back into the building there after he was dead. Why would they do this? To place his fingerprints on a planted gun? To plant drugs on him? We simply don't know.

Beauty Turner, activist and resident of the RTH, I am told, has pictures of the police cleaning the blood of the walls and the shooting scene in general. This is what they have typically done in the past before any investigators get to the scene. They were also photographed picking up bullet casings.

Not to worry, though, the Chicago police are promising a full
investigation. I wonder if they will start allowing the Gangster Disciples to investigate the murders they have been accused of committing? They could then just give us the results of their investigation and we could rest easier knowing justice has been served.

As with so many murders the police have committed in this city, we can not expect to see any action on behalf of the CPD in conducting any real investigation. This is the second police murder in the RTH within the last month, and undoubtedly we will see more as the residents are forced to hide fearful of police on a daily basis. I will post a more complete story within the next few days to give people a better account of what happened. Stay in touch and stay aware. The police are murdering people in your own city.



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