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phrases for corporate and worker culture jamming

Phrases for the jamming of corporate, consumer, and worker culture. Some of them are from the mythical Megacorp, Inc. (It's up to you where you want to put this or what you want to do with it.) From the People movement.
We are only free to spend as we please.

We are no longer citizens. We are consumers. And corporations run the world.

Work hard and save up for your retirement so you won't question the idiocy of what you're doing now.

By the time you retire you will have made us millions! Aren't you happy?

New! Meaningless Product(TM)

Soon, we will own you.

We think so you don't have to!

Soon, all words and phrases will be trademarked, and you'll have to license speech from us.

In the 1900s we had the patent on jeans. In the 2000s we have the patent on genes. Thanks for making it possible to own you.

It's not work, it's inventory control.

The more we spend on PR, the less noticeable our evil becomes.

Shut up and add more to our bottom line!

Why should we give the air away for free when we can charge for it?

Soon, you will be paid to advertise to your friends and family. Everyone does have a price.

Megacorp. Selling your earth for profit.

Why think for yourself when we can do it for you for a small fee?

Megacorp. We are your new god. Spend more and make us happy.

Megacorp. We can do anything we want!

We put a happy face on evil. (Please buy more. Thanks!)

Help me in killing the spirit of the world and its people.

Buy more things before you run out of money!

Build! Build! Build more before we run out of resources!

In the year 2020, the world's water supply will be owned by Megacorp. Thanks for making us even more powerful!

Bow down to the almighty dollar. (And would you shine my shoes while you're there? Thanks.)

Praise capitalism! Amen.

Consumers. #1 product of capitalism for 50 years running.

Anything that gets in the way of our bottom line will be vanquished.

No money? FUCK OFF!

Our civilization is in rapid decline.

If we could sell your thoughts back to you, we'd be even more profitable!

Megacorp. We take what's yours by human birthright and sell it back to you for a handsome profit.

Where will this shit end?

Work harder. Before you realize that it's all meaningless. And then we're really in trouble.

Work is a necessary evil. Now work harder to support it!

Are you playing the game or is the game playing you?

We are slaves.

Is it really that great or are you just fooling yourself?

We will have successfully worked hard at killing the human spirit.

Who cares about the earth when we have all this!

Ask your boss, "Do you love me?"

There is little room for emotions in the modern workplace. How normal!

Pretty soon, Earth will be one giant corporation. The more you spend today the sooner we can make this happen.

Why build more schools, libraries, and parks? How does that contribute to the bottom line?

Right now, your child is in school learning how to be a good consumer.

Capitalism - The addictive drug whose cure is independent thought.

Corporations. The true governmental powers you cannot vote for.

What are we really independent from?

When you finish the rat race, will you have any energy left to do anything significant?

Corporate globalization destroys democracy.

Corporate expansion will kill us all.

We make too much money to care about you. Megacorp.

We don't care about you, we just want your money. Megacorp.

Earth. The world's largest prison system.

Buy until you die.

The only real difference between slavery and capitalism is that you get paid more.

Welcome to slavery.

Let's consume everything!

Come in, give us money, and leave.

This moment has been sponsored by Megacorp.

Being rich will make you happy! Being poor will make you sad! Work harder until your soul is like stone.

If you enjoy life, then you're not working hard enough.



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