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NEW! Anti-facist Product from ROAR ! Twin Cities MN

Communique #1 from the Radical Offensive Against Racism for the August 25 Klan/Neo-Nazi rally in St Paul!
NEW! Anti-facist Product from ROAR
by Radical Offensive Against Racism

Communique #1 from the Radical Offensive Against Racism for the August 25 Klan rally!

Anti-Fascist Product.1
Communiqué from Radical Offensive Against Racism (ROAR)
"History has shown that apathy and inaction in the face of organized racist hatred is not a weapon in the struggle for freedom. We see racism, sexism, homophobia, and all other supremacist ideas and institutions as symptoms of the disease that is capitalism. As anti-capitalists, we actively oppose all forms of domination in both its obvious and hidden manifestations.
We believe that any and all viable resistance to the aspects of society which divide us, oppress us, and keep us all from our own definitions of "freedom" is both vital and necessary. In this light, we recognize and respect the numerous groups and individuals who will join in opposition to the gathering of hate mongers in St. Paul, Minnesota on August 25th at 12 noon. We not only support the actions of anyone in opposition to the KKK and National Socialist Movement, but will protect them-as well as ourselves-against attack.
Allowing the obvious seeds of racism to gather and feel comfortable in our backyard will only give them a fertile soil in which to thrive. We must remember that blatant racism and the state are partners in crime, and must refuse to be confined by either system of control. This is an open invitation to anyone sharing our vision of struggle to join us on August 25th in an open roar of our discontent and our vitality as a united, strong, community. The Radical Offensive Against Racism will be flying black flags and will not be contained."

-Roar. Aug 1, 2001. roarmpls (at)

p.s. we must remember that removing the KKK from St. Paul does not mean racism has been erased from society. August 25 is but one battle in our continuous struggle



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