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Courtesy web space to pro-democracy organisations

A new site is up and about on the Internet, with a focus on Chicago. We are offering courtesy web space to your group or organization.
the People movement ( is dedicated to promoting and facilitating democratic (i.e., "by the people, for the people") organizations and inter/intra-organizational collaboration.

We realize that not every organization has the time and resources to initiate and develop tools for member or public participation.

It is because of this that we are offering, at no cost, forum, website, and live discussion space to organizations who are in need of it. All you have to do is ask!

The main site is in the process of development, and currently features a forum area, chat rooms, and a few tool and resource links. (Please note that we are not interested in commercialization or taking advantage of member databases.)

To inquire about courtesy web space, please send an e-mail to webspace (at)

To inquire about courtesy forum space, please send an e-mail to forumspace (at)

To add a permanent chat room to the site, just create a user ID on the chat system, then create either a permanent public or private room by selecting "Room List".

We look forward to seeing you!



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