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Stand with Mumia on August 17th

First hearing in new appeal in State court - Mumia will be there ! For transportation info call 773/381-6507
Friday AUGUST 17 is Mumia’s first day in court in front of a new judge in state court in Philadelphia.


This is the critical time in Mumia’s case and we need to show our support now. CCFMAJ is organizing transportation to Philadelphia. PLEASE HELP us organize and go to Philadelphia. Let us know if you can go ASAP and also let us know if you can make phone calls to people. Call us at 773/381-6507 or email us at organizers (at) .

Mumia does not have appeal after appeal. Recently in federal court, Judge Yohn refused to let the new evidence of Mumia’s innocence be investigated on the record. Mumia’s attorneys are now in the process of asking the judge to reconsider and preparing to go into state court August 17. Please go to to update yourself on the new information on Mumia’s case. Included are the statements about what happened on December 9, 1981 including Mumia’s statement, his brother William Cook’s statement and the confession of Arnold Beverly, the person who actually shot the policeman. Please also see the new PCRA petition in state court: if you have time read it!!! You can find it by going to and clicking on the "legal info" box. It’s long but filled with factual information ­ see claim one.



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