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SEIU Local 73 to Rally at UIC Aug. 3

Local 73 calls for demonstration against $19,000 raise for University president.
SEIU Local 73 to rally at UIC

Friday, August 3rd, 2 - 4 pm

Protest at the Office of U of I President Stukel

Administrative Office Building

1737 W. Polk St.

(Polk and Wood St.)

According to the Chicago Tribune on Tuesday, July 24th, President Stukel was
awarded a $19,000 a year raise!

With a $350 million state budget, UIC is pouring tremendous amounts of money
into administrative salaries and new construction.
Yet many UIC service workers barely make $19,000 in a whole year, and some
are being offered raises as little as 24 cents an hour!
Tuition is nearly $4,000 a year, which threatens to make UIC inaccessible to
urban students.

It's time that UIC put its employees, its students and its community FIRST!

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