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Aug. 10-15: Schedule for the Convergence against the ACA in Philadelphia

The people who profit from prisons have names and addresses. On August 11-15, that address will be Philadelphia.

Aug. 10-15: Schedule of Events for the Convergence against the American Correctional Association in Philadelphia.

The American Correctional Association is an umbrella group for individuals and organizations employed and doing business in, around and with prisons. This summer, they will be holding their annual trade show and conference in Philadelphia. From prison HMO’s often sued for medical neglect, to corporations that exploit prisoners, to the manufacturer of the lethal injection drugs, all willing participants in the prison system will be present at the ACA’s “congress of corrections”.

While ACA members and associated corporations discuss how to make money off of Americas massive prison nation, activists in Philadelphia will use this opportunity to raise our voices against the criminal injustice system. Join us in a educational counter-conference, marches and rallies.

For more information, please call 215-724-6120

August 10-12: Counter the ACA Conference

August 10th: Freedom Festival, 7pm An evening of dance, music, spoken word, puppets and art against the Prison Industrial Complex. Includes pieces by former and current prisoners. Location: Drake Theater, 15th and Spruce Street

August 11th and 12th: Two full days of discussions, workshops, presentations and networking, along with movie screenings and opportunities to build props for the upcoming demonstrations. Location: Arch Street Friends Meeting House, 4th and Arch Street

To register for the conference, please call 215-724-6120

August 13-15: Marches and Demonstrations against the Criminal Injustice System

August 13th: March for Justice, 6PM March against the Philadelphia Injustice system. Targets include local prisons, corporate headquarters, and the ACA convention. THIS IS A PERMITTED EVENT. Location: Assemble at 8th and Race Street For more info, call 215- 724-6120

August 14th: Execute Justice, Not People- Rally Against the Death Penalty, 12 Noon Join anti-death penalty activists- in the city of America’s Deadliest DA, Lynne Abraham-, as they demand an end to state-sanctioned murder. THIS IS A PERMITTED EVENT. Location: Between Arch & JFK and Broad & 15th For more info, call 215-724-6120

August 15th: March for Prison Health Care, 11am ACT-UP sponsored march targeting Prison Health Services, a prison HMO. This HMO has been responsible for many deaths due to medical neglect. THIS IS A PERMITTED EVENT. Location: 12th and Arch. For more info, call ACT UP Philadelphia 215-731-1844



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