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CC on the Net: becoming "masters of the situation"

New challenges of the civic society and how you can participate.

CC on the Net


August 1, 2001


CC on the Net: becoming "masters of the situation"

As challenging to elite power as it is, democracy is curbed by an assault on the minds of the masses that persuades them to live within the rules of the market system, disregarding the larger interests of the global society and the biosphere of the Planet Earth. An example of this is the phenomenon of the Bush/Rush Society, in which the American government has abandoned scientific reason for the good of humanity in favor of self-destructive global isolationism and the "nothingness of unreason," as described by Michel Foucault the late French philosopher of madness and civilization. This phenomenon will now be supported by a quarter billion dollar radio campaingn of mass ideological gobbledygook that caters to the irrationality of the mass superfluous population of contemporary America that Adolph Hitler made famous in early 20th-century Germany. However, with the growing strength of human capital, social capital, and now cyberspace capital, the existing structures of political power may be radically changed. The potential for spectacular growth of civic resource powers combined with the ability of Homo sapiens sapiens to guide their own cultural evolution now places in the hands
of the civic society if they know how to use it, "the power of becoming masters of the situation."

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