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S29 - Can't get to DC? Be in St. Louis!

People who can't make it all the way to DC, be sure to get to St. Louis for a solidarity action on S29
In solidarity with the protesters marching against the IMF/World Bank, St. Louis will be holding a convergance and a solidarity action on September 29th (Saturday).

In the early afternoon (between 12 & 3) we will converge at the park and US Post Office right at the intersection of 18th & Market St. in downtown St. Louis. Then at 3:00 we'll march down Market St. towards the St. Louis arch!

Be sure to get to St. Louis for this important show of support for our brothers & sisters in DC!

Thanks for your support! E-mail me at aixo33 (at) if you want to get in touch with some people about this action.



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