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Sept.28-Oct. 4: Anti-Capitalist Convergence - Direct Action Against the IMF-WB M

We call for a large-scale mobilization to descend on Washington to disrupt the IMF/WB meetings in solidarity with revolutionary movements throughout the world. We envision a joyous festival of resistance in the spirit of Seattle, Prague and Genoa that will bring these meetings to a halt.
"TAKE BACK YOUR DIGNITY": no.3 of a series,to build support for the Fall 2001 IMF/World Bank actions in Washington, DC. Art by Mike Flugennock, for the Anti-Capitalist Convergence of Washington, DC.

* To check out the other posters in this seriesm, go to:

The Anti-Capitalist Convergence - Principles of Unity

(These are as adapted from CLAC and CASA's principles of unity. Two groups that organized for the FTAA protests in Quebec City.)

*We are opposed to capitalism. We fundamentally reject a social and economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and exchange. We reject a system driven by an exploitative logic that sees human beings as human capital, ecosystems as natural resources, and culture as simply a commodity. We reject the idea that the world is only valuable in terms of profit, competition and efficiency.

*We reject the ideology of neo-liberalism, whereby corporations and investors are exempt from all political and social measures that interfere with their so-called "success".

*We are anti-imperialist, opposed to patriarchy, and denounces all forms of exploitation and oppression. We assert a worldview based on the respect of our differences and the autonomy of groups, individuals and peoples. Our objective is to globalize our networks of resistance to corporate rule.

*Respecting a diversity of tactics, we support the use of a variety of creative initiatives, ranging between popular education to direct action.

*We are autonomous, decentralized and non-hierarchical. We encourage the involvement of anyone who accepts this statement of principles. We also encourage the participation of all individuals in working groups, in accord with their respective political affiliations.

*We organize with a regard for security culture, keeping in mind the constant repression and infiltration of political movements by the state.

- The Anti-Capitalist Convergence:

To add your endorsement, or get more info, contact us at:

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