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chicago activist tortured and imprisoned after demonstration in genoa

one food not bombs activist from chicago arrested with the
no-border-no-nation caravan
within the no-border no-nation caravan, connecting various activities against capitalism and the fortress europe, 25 people got arrested. on sunday 22nd of july police arrested them 15 km outside of genoa on their way to germany.
one guy from food not bombs chicago (or berkely, we don´t know for sure) was with them and and already badly beaten the day before. we try to support them as good as possible, but we need support from local people in the united states to find out friends, relatives, ... and to put pressure on the embassy of the united states in italy and other officials.the people are detention prison and are charged
vandalism,endangering the public safety and membership of
a criminal organisation.
please get in contact with us for more details !!!!!!!!!
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