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Protest Fast Track and Job Loss at Goshen Rubber in Goshen IN on Sat, August 4th

Demo and March Sat. August 4th 10 AM in Goshen IN against Fast Track. Sponsored by the United Steelworkers of America.
Fight Against Another Job Destroying Trade Deal RALLY
*Goshen IN
(Gather at USWA Local 650L Hall, 1500 S. 10th St., Goshen. March to Town Square)
*Saturday, August 4th
* 10 AM to Noon
Goshen Rubber, (now called Parker) - a stable employer in the community for 80 years - is the latest in a long list of area plants who have decided to move production to low wage countries and throw their employees out of work.
Goshen Rubber admitted in their meetings with the Union that 40% of the lost work will go to Mexico where workers make $1 an hour. They admitted that some of the work is going to China, where workers earn $50 a month!
When will this end?
NEVER - if President Bush and the Corporate Executives have their way. Bush is trying to get Congress to give him “Fast Track” trading authority. This means he can sign new trade agreements without Congress being able to amend them. The bill, introduced by Representative Crane of Palatine IL ould specifically forbid the inclusion in any new trade deal provisions to protect labor rights or the environment. Their goals are to make it easier for U.S. corporations to move to wherever the workers are the cheapest and the environmental laws are the worst. ‘More for us’, says Goshen Rubber. For more information, call USWA Local 650 at 219-533-6455.
Directions to Goshen rally
Goshen IN is about 10 miles southeast of Elkhart IN on Rt. 15 and 33. From the North: take the Indiana Toll Rd to Route 15 South. Follow through downtown Goshen. Turn Left on New York St. and right on S. 10th St. From the South: take Rt. 15 up to College Ave. by Goshen College. Turn Right on College and Left on 10th St. From Southeast: take Rt. 33 up to College Ave. Turn Left on College, go about a mile, turn Right on 10th St. Meet at Local 650L, in front of Parker/Goshen Rubber , 1500 S. 10th St.

A bus will leave the Steelworkers District Office at 1301 Texas St in Gary IN for the Goshen Rubber rally at 7:30 am on Aug.4th. Call Pauline at 219-881-6207 for a seat on the bus. The bus will plan to return before 3 PM.



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