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"Unwelcome" Boeing to Chicago Demonstration

Top Ten Reasons to throw Boeing an unwelcoming party in Chicago
Top Ten Reasons to throw Boeing an unwelcoming party in Chicago

1. Boeing is the "Lead System Integrator" or main contractor on the provocative, dangerous, and unworkable Star Wars missile defense system. The contract could be worth as much a $13.7 Billion of taxpayer's money through 2007.
2. Conflict, war and violence are just another route to profit for Boeing. They sell their weapons all over the world to countries where conflicts are brewing. Israel is one of its best customers as it continues its grossly imbalanced war against Palestinians. Palestinian rock throwers are no match for the Boeing made F-15s and Apache attack helicopters. F-15's have also been used by the US in the eleven-year bombing campaign against Iraq in enforcement of the illegally imposed "no fly zone".
3. Boeing also has been charged with knowingly selling the Army defective parts and overcharging the Air Force thousands of dollars for minor supplies. Last summer the Justice Department sought $20 million in damages for improper installation of parts on the AH-64A Apache helicopters. The problem riddled Apache fleet's most recent grounding, ordered on June 15, was the third in the past two years.
4. Chicago is paying thrugh the nose to get Boeing to come here. The total incentive package offered to Boeing is valued at up to $64 million. This includes Boeing paying no rent on it's down town office building for the next 20 years.
5. Boeing has a horrendous environmental record. According to their own website, in 1999 alone, Boeing released over 40 million pounds of hazardous waste.
6. As of 1994, Boeing was responsible for the clean up of 40 Superfund sites on the national priorities list. They have been involved in numerous suits involving mishandling of hazardous wastes and toxic chemicals.
7. Boeing has a long history of corporate shenanigans. In 1974 Boeing settled out of court with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over payments of $54 million made to 18 countries that subsequently brought Boeing aircraft sales to $943 million. At this time the SEC also alleged that Boeing spent at least $27 million paying off 7 foreign governmental officials who were involved with their aircraft sales.
8. In 1994, Boeing agreed to fork over close to $75 million in order to avoid criminal prosecution that, at the time, was the largest non-criminal Pentagon payback case in history. According to government statements, Boeing's settlement included $52 million for overcharging computer-related work, $14 million for overcharging on non-domestic government work, and $9 million for hazardous-waste disposal costs.
9. Boeing also has a history of racism and unfair treatment of employees. In January of 1999 Boeing agreed to pay $15 million to 12,000 current and 7,000 former African American workers for their complaints about unfair advancement policies and general mistreatment. During the investigation of this case the US Deparment of Labor has said that Boeing deliberately withheld information and interfered with the inquiry.
10. In the 1999-2000 election cycle, Boeing spent $1,763,632 on PAC, soft money, and individual contributions to secure the flow of taxpayer's money to its coffers. In 1999 they spent $8,2000,000 on lobbying expenses.

For more information contact: Anti-Boeing Coalition at (773)278-6706



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