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Contact Italian Consulate in Chicago

Italian demonstrators are imploring Ammerikan sympathizers to get in touch with the Italian Consulates to speak out against the brutality in Genoa against demonstrators, many of whom are being denied access to medical and legal aid.
A friend of mine that narrowing escaped Genoa this Monday was implored by anti-capitalists there to get the word out to other Americans that we need to be putting pressure on the Italian Consulates here in this country, since many demonstrators are still in dire need of medical and legal aid. Letters by mail or fax are most effective, but phone calls are good too. Of course solidarity demonstrations in front of these fronts are the very best....


Here is the link for Chicago; others can be found by doing a web search.

Italian Consulate
500 N. Michigan Ave, Suite 1850
Chicago, ILL 60611
ph. (312) 467-1550
fax. (312) 467-1335



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